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The UK's leading, farm animal heaters

Baskzone heating systems for all your farm animals

For healthy, happy, farm animals

Baskzone heating systems for all your farm animals

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Baskzone® Farm Animal Heaters

Traditional agricultural infrared lamps (pig lamps) are low-powered and must be placed very close to animals to be of any benefit. BaskZone® heaters are much more powerful and are suspended or wall-mounted at a safe distance from the animals, creating a large and effective pool of heat.

BaskZone® heaters do not directly heat the air but mimic the warming effect of the sun’s rays. Beneficial conditions can be created even in highly ventilated or open sided buildings and barns, allowing new-borns and young animals to get off to a really good start in life. BaskZone® heaters are also ideal for spot heating. A warm basking zone in the corner of an enclosure provides physical comfort, as well as a calm and relaxing spot to recover from parturition or illness.

In poultry farming, BaskZone® infrared heat is highly effective at maintaining brooding floor temperatures and combatting the formation of moisture in poultry bedding and litter. This helps decrease the likelihood of pododermatitis and hock burn.

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Not sure which infrared heaters are right for you? No problem! Our complimentary Expert Advice Service will help you to understand which heating products are best suited to your space.

Envelop your animals in soothing infrared with BaskZone® – the only wall mounted animal heaters developed nearly two decades ago, BaskZone® is a proven, reliable, and efficient solution with thousands of our heaters in daily use worldwide. Our typical customers range from zoos, private exotic pet owners, farmers, private leisure horse riders to top international equestrians and Olympic facilities!

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