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How do the BaskZone Horse Solariums compare with the overhead canopy-style Horse Solariums?

Baskzone Vs Overhead Solariums? 


The BaskZone® Horse Solariums are more effective compared with the overhead canopy-style solariums because of the following reasons:


  • The BaskZone® Horse Solariums create a pool of warmth that envelops your horse, unlike a canopy solarium which only heats the top of the horse’s body.

  • The Bask-Zone heaters will dry, warm up and warm down your horses much quicker because of the way the heat wraps around the body, unlike a canopy-style solarium which concentrates the heat on the top of the horses body.

  • Horses are so much more relaxed within a BaskZone® environment, because they do not have the canopy-style solarium which hangs closely over their heads and restricts their personal space and leaving them at risk of injury.


horse-equine-solarium-heatingUnlike a canopy-style horse solarium, all BaskZone® horse solarium emitters are mounted safely to the either side of the horse, which means the horse is free to move around and no stocks are required.  The handler also has full unrestricted access to work on the horse!