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The complete basking zone solution for your animals



How do the BaskZone Horse Solariums compare with the overhead canopy-style Horse Solariums?

Baskzone Vs Overhead Solariums?      The BaskZone® Horse Solariums are more effective compared with the overhead canopy-style solariums because of the following reasons:   ...
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What are the problems and potential disadvantages of Bask-Zone Infrared Heaters?

No hot air here! BaskZone® Infrared Heaters do not heat the air, they only heat objects like ourselves and or animals. This means animals will ...
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Why are controllers such an important and integral part of a BaskZone Infrared heater?

Answer: Because BaskZone® Controllers prolong the life of the heater and the elements! It is the controller that delivers you even further energy savings, gives ...
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Farming Heating Sheep and Lambs in Barn

What does it cost to buy and run a BaskZone® Infrared Heater?

Whether you’re looking to build a horse solarium, heat your kennels or keep your livestock, BaskZone® has an infrared heating solution to suit your needs. ...
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