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What are the problems and potential disadvantages of Bask-Zone Infrared Heaters?

No hot air here!

BaskZone® Infrared Heaters do not heat the air, they only heat objects like ourselves and or animals. This means animals will only feel the warmth within the Infrared heating zone.  They quickly learn where this heating zone is and are also great at temperature regulating themselves by moving in and out of this heated zone.


What’s my size?

BaskZone® Infrared Heaters must be sized up correctly (To save disappointment, we do offer free advice and can recommend the best solution for your individual requirements)

One Direction?

BaskZone® Infrared Heaters are very directional, which means the positioning of the heaters is very important (We can advise you where to position the heater and the optimum angle)

Get the best from your BaskZone® Heater

BaskZone® Infrared Heaters are not plug-in and go and will require installation by a qualified electrician

BaskZone® InfraredHeater Elements are fragile, so heaters must be handled and installed with care! (We do offer replacement elements for all our heaters)

Want to know more about how you can get started with your BaskZone® Infrared heaters? Contact us for your free quote.