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What does it cost to buy and run a BaskZone® Infrared Heater?

Whether you’re looking to build a horse solarium, heat your kennels or keep your livestock, BaskZone® has an infrared heating solution to suit your needs. BaskZone® Infrared heaters start from as little as £287.40 + VAT to buy for a 1.5kW and you’re sure to find a heater to suit your budget and have a wide choice of specialist heaters to choose from, to suit your individual requirements.


The quality of BaskZone® heaters has been proven in the market, so whilst it’s sometimes tempting to buy what appears to be an equivalent heater cheaper, the important things to consider are the heater elements, which don’t last long on cheap heaters and finding a replacement element can be challenging, often ending up with the whole heater being replaced instead of just the element.  We stand behind our BaskZone® products and carry replacement elements for all our heaters.


What’s the cost breakdown?

To calculate the cost of running a BaskZone® heater per hour is easy.  If you know what you’re paying per kWh for electricity, multiply this amount by the kW-size of your BaskZone heater. (For example, if you’re paying £0.30 per kWh and your heater size is 1.5kW, then £0.30 x 1.5 = £0.45.  This means it costs you £0.45 per hour to run the heater, on 100% full power.

How can BaskZone help?

If you’re looking for a heating solution for your horses, zoo or livestock, get in touch with us today for your FREE quote!