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Why are controllers such an important and integral part of a BaskZone Infrared heater?



Because BaskZone® Controllers prolong the life of the heater and the elements! It is the controller that delivers you even further energy savings, gives you control of the levels heat output and makes BaskZone® infrared heaters the most economical and effective heating solution you can buy today!



Turning up the heat, not your costs!


A controller enables you to adjust the heat intensity of your infrared heaters according to the how cold it is.  So, if the ambient temperature is not too cold, you are able to reduce the heat intensity (just like a dimmer switch on a light) down to as low as 30%. This means that instead of the heater costing you £0.45 per kWh when operating on100% full power, it is will only cost you £0.14 per kWh, an increase in efficiency and cost saving of 70%!


What can BaskZone do to help?

Want to take back control of heating your stables? Kennels? Enclosures? Contact us today!