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What does it cost to buy and run a BaskZone® Infrared Heater?

Farming Heating Sheep and Lambs in Barn

Whether you’re looking to build a horse solarium, heat your kennels or keep your livestock, BaskZone® has an infrared heating solution to suit your needs. BaskZone® Infrared heaters start from as little as £287.40 + VAT to buy for a 1.5kW and you’re sure to find a heater to suit your budget and have a […]

Why are controllers such an important and integral part of a BaskZone Infrared heater?


Answer: Because BaskZone® Controllers prolong the life of the heater and the elements! It is the controller that delivers you even further energy savings, gives you control of the levels heat output and makes BaskZone® infrared heaters the most economical and effective heating solution you can buy today!     Turning up the heat, not […]

What are the problems and potential disadvantages of Bask-Zone Infrared Heaters?

No hot air here! BaskZone® Infrared Heaters do not heat the air, they only heat objects like ourselves and or animals. This means animals will only feel the warmth within the Infrared heating zone.  They quickly learn where this heating zone is and are also great at temperature regulating themselves by moving in and out […]

How do the BaskZone Horse Solariums compare with the overhead canopy-style Horse Solariums?


Baskzone Vs Overhead Solariums?      The BaskZone® Horse Solariums are more effective compared with the overhead canopy-style solariums because of the following reasons:   The BaskZone® Horse Solariums create a pool of warmth that envelops your horse, unlike a canopy solarium which only heats the top of the horse’s body. The Bask-Zone heaters will […]